Other Consultation Services

Other Consultation Services

In the Auckland and Waikato regions we are able to offer a number of full landscaping services.

Garden Advice Consultation

For people who are confident in the garden, but need some new ideas/inspiration or help with planting requirements and combinations. We will come to your property and produce sketches, plant lists and other relevant notes.

Concept Garden Designs

We can give you detailed plans that show the hard landscaping features and garden areas. These can be completed for part of your garden or for the whole section.

Garden Planting Plans

Complete planting plan, drawn to scale, with a detailed plant list, using plants that are suitable for your local conditions.

Maintenance Programs

Got a lovely garden but not sure how to look after those beautiful plants?
We can create a detailed maintenance and advice plan to help keep your slice of heaven looking good.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How easy is it to get a landscape design with Pod Design?
    We aim to make the landscape consultation process as simple and painless as possible. Once you have answered the initial landscape consultation questionnaire and uploaded a photo of your garden, we will take over to create your unique landscape plan. If we need more information, we will simply get in touch with you and ask the necessary questions, easy.
  • What geographical area does Pod Design cover?
    Because we are web based and we don't generally need to come and visit your property, we cover all of New Zealand. However, if you are interested in our 'In Person' services, we cover the Auckland and Waikato regions.
  • Why should I get a landscape design done for my garden?
    Having a landscape design for your garden will save you both time and money. We can design your garden in small steps, such as your entrance area or your backyard entertaining area. This makes the transformation of your unique garden more manageable, both financially and physically. Also, we can create a unique design for your whole garden.
  • How do I pay for my landscape design?
    This can be done using PayPal, which allows you to use your PayPal account or your credit card. You can also make payment via internet banking, the necessary details will be emailed to you.